New Year. . .

Sitting on my bed, thick sound of Heater on, Pressing my chilled fingers in a fist to warm them up, watching Friends on the mini TV we own in our room while reading through the tweets. Tweets of people expressing themselves, flashbacks of their time spent in the year that soon to become the previous year and their resolutions for the new year. Regressive, regretful, Hopeful and some even inadvertently praying god for the hopeful year.

I contemplate and even envy some of the tweeters. Envying people spending New years in a different country/city where they enjoyed New year’s celebration and sidelining some people’s tweets as mere exaggeration. General Strategies people adopt to counter their jealousy and envy with negativity or denial. While on the other hand wishing i could be in another city in Pakistan where i could have the blessing of enjoying the mother nature Or some other country where i could enjoy how a certain occasion is lived in a different city. At the same time realizing what i have lost and how i could’ve made use of the time spent the last year. The goals and aims put to good use that could be counted as the best actions and moments of the ‘Previous year-2013’.

That’s what its about. One can never have a life with an accelerating pace, only the Great ones & the ones who don’t put off their feet from the accelerator of the car(Life) they are driving. Life is all about how you make of it. While some wish for a fruitful year, the only thing a rotten fruit tells us is that it should be thrown and the other one showed be picked up. Throw away the pain and worries and start on the ride that will bring you the ripe you! One Day at a time and see what Fruit you become 🙂

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Its unruly what people expect of the shy & the Introverted.

Despite the emotional trauma that a shy/introverted person has to go through, people add up to thier misery by discarding thier effort to atleast be ‘nice’ by pointing towards the more talkative & jolly as an example to follow. Surely, the extroverts have it easy. They are the crowd pleasers and easy to sway anyone with thier communication capabilities. But i dont envy them.

One of my cousin preferred my totally-extroverted sister over me and said “You should be more like her and talk more” ; Another time one of my best friend from college asked my about my uni experience and exclaimed “oh Gosh! Ab bus bhe kardo shy hona, kab tak rahogi aisay.. go out and find somebody!”

No one can understand the innate phenomenon that comes with the introverts that renders them to think more, do more self-inspection and be more aware of thier talk that they deliver. Maybe they might act less but thats just thier hesitation and confidence they’d had to work on. But the inner-inspection and the mystery is, though uncanny but alot of times is chilling.

Alot of times we face with reality checks and the disposition of this world. Self-doubt and self-loathing ensues which takes a tide alot of times, depending on the consequences.

Introverts have a more harder time in this world. People claim us wierdos. But life is not that unfair, there is always someone to accept your calmness and containment.

In the long run, after countless claims of people, we come to understand ourselves and accept ourselves and be content with it. Make peace with it.

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 Thats the word for my current emotion. or maybe ardent? yup or add a pinch of ardousness .. ardent-ousness, lets not get into the new word inventions.

Meek as i was when i first started off- as a kid, a teenager. submissive and compliant like a pet cat…. doing nothing which could even flinch a small part of sand as if i was immobile-surely thats how i felt-Godforsaken, the things we feel as a teenager, the emotions we have. Barely there as i was, trying to feel the human nature, to feel normal, to feel a sense of humanity, to feel Present if not alive. But to no avail. For months i tethered to feel the feelings within my companions. But soon i found out, they too are struggling not to wither. And as time swayed, i found a ladder to climb.

My journey so far, though not completed and still in its primary stage-has been like a visitor in an empty spacious Renaissance Mansion. Elusively searching for the right path to lead to the desired room.

Like a magic spell that is casted and takes a blow with sparks and fire-balls eruptions and then the spell is casted. It takes time for the journey to take the turn to where it will end. Like my empty,immobile start. Later picking up pace with the meaning to ‘Existence’. First only comprehending the five letter to the word-like knowing the basic fact that humans have five fingers to thier hand,like a Kindergarden student knowing only things they are taught at school. Later picking up the rest with your own conscience.

Everything has beginnings and the journey requires to pass through all kinds of pathways. Narrow, Fleeting and broad. 

Unflagging concupiscence – Success we shall reap!

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Jashn-e-Azadi National Anthem Singing at NED / KU

Patriotism is inevitable thing when it comes to Pakistanis it’s especially present when the Independence Day is nearing. Usually accelerated by the zealous youth of this country Pakistanis reach their most patriotic point, sports and National events are among them.

To show their enthusiasm and love for their country, the students from NED Engineering University and Karachi University planned an event to set the world record of Most People Singing the National Anthem. The street was inundated with Green and white, faces with the crescent and star that is the Islamic symbol. Boys wearing white kurtas over jeans with green dupattas, meanwhile the girls enjoyed the dignity in green, as suggested by the dress code.

NED students waited outside their university enjoying Patriotic songs full of enthusiasm while chanting slogans and having photo sessions. On the other hand, KU students walked from their departments to the Silver Jubilee gate chanting ‘Jiye KU’ consequently and later joined the NED students in front of their University. KU students were welcomed with a group of NED students wearing shirts with ‘Pakistan’s’ initials on it.

Keeping in mind their muslim roots, there was a recitation of Holy Quran later joined by a welcome speech. With a load of hustle bustle about the killing of muslims in Burma, there was a silent protest against it. Singing the National Anthem started with an Instrumental National anthem music billowing in the Background. Media Coverage hovering over the crowd trying to break the previous world record.

Events like these are mostly shrugged off by other citizens But if we can mobilize the youth to gather and sing their National Anthem together then surely we can mobilize them to do more concrete work.

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The Curious Case of Patriotism

God made this world and mankind and the soil, crops and forests etc. As the world transcended it developed and soon the mankind was divided into castes, tribes and ethnicities. Later wars were won on the basis of land and boundaries were drawn and thus nations came into being. Soon enough people started associating themselves with their designated nationalities. Same is the case with us but our countrymen are somewhat complex beings.

Caught in the crossfire of dishonesty, we succumb to the west’s offerings – slavery, working as a stooge and whatnot. It’s not a question of just honesty and patriotism but also morality and faith. Just look around and you’ll find people being dishonest and making billions with their malevolent antics, it’s sad how all they are earning is money. They have tons of money to waste on family holidays, send their kids to top elite schools and then send them off to the universities abroad so that they become Moneymaking machines two times bigger than they are. It’s not a myth but the reality we see around in our people. There are people sitting in government sectors who have their personal intentions towards their profession. But let’s not be pessimist here, you’ll find plenty loyal inhabitants too but that’s unfortunately not a norm.

Whenever a proud moment pops up, we find our fellow beings with gait of pride. At times we might see too-cool-for-Pakistani-nationality-pride fellows calling that moment mediocre and sidelining it with the things other nations have done. This is the plight of many Pakistanis who can’t thank god of his small blessings. They’ll point to the lush silky orbital roads built up in between a thick green forest in comparison to our clean smooth roads that we seldom find here. Find fault by pointing out to the no appropriate car-parking areas near malls ,even though our malls holds more material and shopping goods than most of the other third world countries.

Upon travelling one realizes what a blessing it is to be from where you are. It all comes down to ‘Everything is beautiful in their own way’. Pakistan is applauded for its food, beautiful sightseeing, fashion, art, music and the hospitable people. That might not be available elsewhere. The flavors that this place offers are the most delicious.

Despite the ongoing violence and pity that comes with the Pakistani identity, there is plethora of talents flourishing. From Nobel peace Laureate Dr Abdus Salam , Nuclear Scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer khan, writers such as Kamila Shamsi, Mohsin Hamid, Mohammed Hanif, Bapsi Sidhwa and Bina shah to people representing with music such as Junoon, Vital signs, Awaz, Strings and Sajjad Ali. If you are saying they have western music then I point to Tina sani, Mehdi Hassan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Abida Parveen.

There is much more in the realms of this nation. It’s just a matter of discipline, honesty and patience that will lead us to the likes of Japanese, Chinese and Indians.

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Language as a tool for Progress

One of the most interesting aspects of life is the culture. Culture of one’s surrounding. The way they live, what they eat, how they say and convey their messages/communicate and what they do to entertain themselves and how. Pakistan is blessed with more than 6 languages, regional and national.

Pakistan is a multilingual country with its mother tongue being Urdu which is used by only 7% of the population though spoken widely in the urban areas. Apart from that other indigenous language ex: Sindhi, Saraiki, Punjabi, Pashto and Balochi are spoken by its inhabitants. Unfortunately, some languages carry a shame with them when spoken by some. For example: People in Punjab (mostly in urban areas) feel a shame speaking Punjabi and anyone speaking it is called ‘Paendu(rustic, villager)’. Although, people in N.W.F.P and Sindh proudly speak Pashto an sindhi respectively.

The issue arises when talking about furthering the horizons of the speakers of the regional languages from the natives to other people living in this country. People have a reserve for the regional languages and feel guilty agreeing to learn their country’s languages. Urdu is a common language which is taught at every school in Pakistan but mostly sidelined as an inferior language and English is given greater preference. This is a symbol of colonialism and the British’s condoning of the English language as the language to communicate in.

With the rate Pakistan and its image is going, progressing its culture and promoting the culture can do wonders. Language is the key to it as Ngugi wa Thiongo referred to language as the ‘soul of culture’. Language can act as the marker of cultural diversity and linguistic diversity which is a Specialty of Pakistan. India is a developing country with a booming economy and known worldwide for its Technology specialists. But it is famous for its culture and is on top of most of the people’s list. More than language, Bollywood is the promoter of its culture. The Dance and music in bollywood is the true representation of India as it is the birth place for many dances and classical music. With the example of India, we can promote our culture by expanding and giving more preference to the language or other cultural aspects.

Setting up Linguistic Institutes to make the citizens learn the languages can be a great source to learn the languages. Learning and accepting other regional languages can help in sustaining and denouncing the growing ethnic violence and hatred in the country. So language here can be a Dual sustainer, working as a communicative means and easing the hatred.
Government should implement the syllabus which enables learning of regional as well as the mother tongue Compulsory so as to assure the validity of our Languages. Most of the inhabitants won’t care about the language and succumb to their impulse and jump to learning the European or more globally accepted/Superior though by the world languages. It’s not the people who decide the fate of a culture but the Specialists and the social scientists.

We should work towards the maintenance or revitalization of language signals ongoing.

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Let Life be!

Life is one big Ferris wheel. It goes round and round in circles. It completes a rotation and starts a new one, an end of one thing followed by the start of other. Just like that this summer started and gave me reason to search for something to keep me busy. As I’m a writer-in-the-making, as soon as I saw the vacancy to write at Unique Pakistan I jumped on the opportunity and applied for it. As soon as I got accepted, I delved into thoughts of which topic to write on. I tell you readers! It’s not easy to be a writer, its mindboggling and extensively research oriented. One of the earlier sufferings of a writer is which topic to write on. Anyways, after much brainstorming and weaving through topics, I decided to write on life in particular.

Much and much is going on these days. The chaos of this city, power outages, stressed out cries of the unemployed and vice versa. Between all the thick clouds of worries there is always a sigh of resilience being heard. Resilience is an unnerving commodity, without which one can’t carry on with life peacefully. Often we see people being impatient against their hurdles and build a bridge for more waywardness to pass to them. This reverberates into a chaos and life goes nowhere, only if one turns it to the wise side it becomes smooth and worthy, which is often not the case. The people who keep their positivity in check can dig the gold out of the earth, as is the case with people who are quiet and stoic. Bomb blasting the environment outbursts issues a penalty to an individual which is not entirely bad but somewhere, somewhat destructive.

Another major Problem in life is the vague notion of ‘what is life?’ which consists of ‘what I want to do for the rest of my life’, ’what I am doing, is it worth pursuing?’ ’will I get a positive outcome out of it?’ The antidote of which is to keep going on and try new and different things in life then deducting which you don’t enjoy. That way u will have a hobby to keep you busy in your spare time and also have a perspective of what you want to do for the rest of your life. I for example, kept reading, trying out painting throughout my teenage life and everyone told me I should go into Fine arts but vaguely know about my love for literature and writing(though I’m just a beginner at it) choose writing and kept art as a hobby.

Let life be like a sea rather than a Lake. Have high, low and medium tides in life so as to keep the momentum in comparison to just existing. Breathe, gulp, and swallow with Pride. Better to even see what you’re eating and who is handing you the edibles which might turn out to be a sugar-coated Poison. That is to be shrewd and ingenious along with pursuing the path of moral justice.

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