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A thoughtful art enthusiast who likes to read, write, paint.Also fascinated with Photography. This blog is a rumination of things that circles in my mind.I have countless things to worry about which would reflect in my writings.

Land of what….?

Its hard to imagine what this country came into being for. What transpired its birth. What caused this country to be made. I can’t use the word nation here as i don’t see it significant with Pakistan’s situation. Maulana Abul … Continue reading

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TV Shows you must watch

Life is full of complexities and struggles. One has to work hard to make ends meet but what if your life is the same set of boring routines, university coursework, 9-5 Job where you work with boring colleagues who make … Continue reading

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Rosati Bistro: Dine in The Fusion

Its weekend & you don’t want to spend it watching the latest Episode of TV show thats probably gonna repeat later so you decide to head out and enjoy the weekend by exploring whats new in the city. While deciding … Continue reading

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As the Autumn approaches and the leaves fall off the trees it reminds me of real-life dilemma of people departing through my heart. Of the mean-hearts vanishing through the existence where once they held a haughty outlook. Curtain falling off , … Continue reading

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Imperialism, Theirs and Ours

Originally posted on Greased Cartridge:
Below is a conversation about imperialism, US and Pakistani, and my note about it. While it is commendable that there is an upcoming documentary (The Invisible War) to highlight the sexual abuse female US soldiers…

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“Are you single? Abhi tak koi nahi mila?” : The Irritating question that has become a custom

Among many things in our society that make you oddly aloof is the question asked by many of our peers: Who are you dating? . Yes, you do get these questions in Pakistan and ironic how its not rare but … Continue reading

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Pakistani Women Hit Hurdles in Medical Profession

Originally posted on Journeys to democracy:
Left to right, medical student Saima Firdous, Dr Jamila Khalil, Sarah Peck, Dr Khalil Khatri. Photos: Beena Sarwar My report for Inter Press Service, March 8, 2014. Picked up by newspapers around the world…

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