Land of what….?

Its hard to imagine what this country came into being for. What transpired its birth. What caused this country to be made.

I can’t use the word nation here as i don’t see it significant with Pakistan’s situation. Maulana Abul kalam Azad opposed the creation of Pakistan as he saw the nation being divided into 5 nations or more. It wasn’t a futile thought as it stands a fact in the case of Pakistan today.

We were a nation chanting ‘Zindabad’ to the word ‘Pakistan’ but now we succumb to the Jiyala factor and Chant “Khappay” to Bhutto, Imran khan and Altaf Bhai and Voice Oft-Used Slogans signifying the party. All the Leaders replacing Our beloved Quaid Mohammed Ali Jinnah with their Pugnacious Ethnocentric antics.

While Ethnocentrism is a major issue, another issue polluting this nation is religious: defining the dominant religion Islam in their own terms and each sect claiming themselves the correct ones and holding authority to dictate and punish anyone who go against them.

In this hussle-bustle of every party having their own agenda and wanting to implement their version of Ideology(read: incompetent to the core) somewhere the Pakistan that had to be is lost. People have lost the will to live in this country with the ongoing strifes. Nepotism in every institution and ulterior motives of power giving birth to UnProfessional behaviour leading to Corruption.

In the midst of conundrum created, one wonders where it all went wrong? Did the generous, humble people thinking about their fellow muslims? Where is that spirit now? Of thinking collectively for all? Why is that, whenever you blame/accuse an ethnicity, just because its a specific ethnic majority they say: ‘why don’t your MQM/baloch parties deals with this?’ .If this is how it should go then above uttered reason by Maulana azaad stands correct. It all has come down to the question?: why was it created? & when you leave it to Allah to make it better, judging from the people’s behaviour it can be judged that its not going far ahead.

Nations go through crisis but only their people make it….. Or break it…..


About shazlicious

A thoughtful art enthusiast who likes to read, write, paint.Also fascinated with Photography. This blog is a rumination of things that circles in my mind.I have countless things to worry about which would reflect in my writings.
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