TV Shows you must watch

Life is full of complexities and struggles. One has to work hard to make ends meet but what if your life is the same set of boring routines, university coursework, 9-5 Job where you work with boring colleagues who make you hate adulthood or what if life’s not giving you your share of lemons to squeeze?

You find a hobby to make you happy. Either you knit: too Boring and you can do that in your old age anyways. Paint: That requires effort but fun nonetheless and relaxing. Read: been doing that since childhood and you get boring after a while. So another alternative is a TV show, unlike a movie which ends after 3 hours it keeps you interested with its seasons for years and there are multitude of shows which were written with zeal that you can see if you start watching them.

Below are some shows you must watch. Or not, if your a boring Grandma ;p

  1. Shameless: This show has you hooked from the first episode with its fast-paced story unfolding sequences. The Story centers around normal life around Chicago’s middle-lower class locality. Centers around a family where the main head of the house is a 21-year old filling the role since she was 15 and the parents abandoned the kids on the mercy of mother nature. The Episodes transcends as the kids struggles to have a normal life and fill in the Gap created by their money problems. Adolescent phases, love hurdles, Teen angst: All mashed in one which gives one one hell of a ride which keeps you craving for more.
  2. Game of Thrones: As the title suggests, its a fight for power to the higher seat among 7 Kingdoms. With an old 7th century theme when fighting used to be done on horses and women were treated like cattle. With a Royal Family victimized by another who gets hold of the throne by false claims on the former and the bloodshed begins. Minute by minute passes and you’re on a fighting scene and things starts to heat up. Revenge. Bait. Kill.
  3. The Vampire Diaries: This might catch attention of those who are into Vampires and witches. And don’t mistake it for some twilight-y thing, this is a legit TV show with a gripping script, teenage romance and Hot boys. Starting with a Vampire’s struggle to keep alive his humanly emotions and forget about his past, he meets a girl whose getting over her parent’s death and falls for her (her beauty resembling that of his old lover, in fact she is a doppelganger) and story unfolds from there until his brother returns to wreck a vampire-havoc and engages in a quarrel with the brother. As the TV show ensues, Battle with the older vampires, Dealing with a secret society in the locality to eradicate Vampires ensues but you never get tired of seeing the two hot Salvatore Brothers 😉

Whatever Life brings on my table, i can’t keep away from these TV shows. Don’t keep yourself down with Life’s ongoing Phases, cheer yourself up 🙂


About shazlicious

A thoughtful art enthusiast who likes to read, write, paint.Also fascinated with Photography. This blog is a rumination of things that circles in my mind.I have countless things to worry about which would reflect in my writings.
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