Rosati Bistro: Dine in The Fusion

20150104-222335.jpgIts weekend & you don’t want to spend it watching the latest Episode of TV show thats probably gonna repeat later so you decide to head out and enjoy the weekend by exploring whats new in the city.

While deciding where to head to in a city like Karachi, one can only think of a restaurant. Firstly, the city provides less recreational places. Secondly, there are a Plethora of restaurants opening up around the city to provide people with the Different and the new.

One such eatery is Rosati Bistro. A place thats sure to delight you and leave you refreshed. With their opening at the New year, they provided citizens with a change which wont leave them disappointed. With the restaurant businesses providing mostly the cliché cafes with the environment suitable for Younglings, this one caters to Family environment with its Five star vibe and calm ambiance.

Situated opposite PNS mehran, the restaurant has a modern Architecture with Glass walls and provides the diners with an impressive attitude as they enter the eatery. Having a separate section for the smokers & non-smokers, shisha and an amiable Serving Staff. One of the scoring point for Roseti Bistro is their Fusion of cuisines they offer: Italian, Mexican and Lebanese, serving the continental lovers as well as the ones who like to eat eastern food. Humus with Pita Bread as starters. One of the best selected from the menu by me was their Cesar Salad irrespective of the other meals ordered. As a treat for their Soft Launch, they served us with Red velevet cheesecake and Blueberry cheesecake from their menu Complimentarily.


One must savor the delight that this place offers!



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