“Are you single? Abhi tak koi nahi mila?” : The Irritating question that has become a custom

Among many things in our society that make you oddly aloof is the question asked by many of our peers: Who are you dating? . Yes, you do get these questions in Pakistan and ironic how its not rare but a common question, synonymous of the relative’s question of whether you’re married or not. 

Its not something unusual for a youngster to experience the romance phase among many other teenage phases. Hormones at the peak, crushing over many and desperate for a romantic adventure. Although romance is part of human life, understanding diversity in human being’s practice of affection and sexuality is important, one thing lost in many in our society. The above mentioned question reflects ignorance to the different priorities people set in life. Every human being is constructed with difference in tolerating emotions, attitudes etc. Keeping in mind the way today’s generation exercises romance, its adamant many people feel like being single for a long time.

This Millennial Generation deem it appropriate to throw people’s emotions in the river and go down the selfish alley which leads to a dangerous path often ending in abuse, insulting of each other through any medium they get their hands on and getting a rebound.

How to counter this question one doesn’t know. In the end you have to try to accept it as one of the stupid things people have added in their general conversations.

There are more important things to set your aims at. Rather than falling flat on your face every year thrice, setting your goals on career-building and character-building can have a meaning to your life: A reason to live and feel alive whenever you’ve reach a succeed at something in contrast to being left as an emotional wreck. People set their priorities and everyone has it different in life. To give romantic relationships significance of all the things in the world is not only the most trivial thing but also a person’s personal matter. I personally feel like being single so as to evolve and work on myself individually and enjoy my own company for a long time so that i won’t go down that downward spiral after a break-up, One thing to be noted. I’ve seen friends bounce back with their estranged exes because they’ve been with them long and become a wreck after the break-up and in the end up living in an unhealthy relationship.

Being single in your early 20s, the phase where you’re reinventing yourself, questioning your career choice that you choose and were most passionate about in your teens and many more self-discovery issues are what need to be looked after and being single give a benefit to deal with them properly and with much attention. But its so implausible for this generation to comprehend people’s priorities which gives in to the peer pressure. While its true that exchanging warmth and happiness through relationships is a healthy way of living, one should mark it as a fact that a plausible relationship sometimes takes time to find and even one does find its not like one will share it with the others like a buffet. In our Hypocritical society, where people are finding ways to prove someone in a negative light, having a boyfriend/girlfriend means raising eyebrows and not having one either means the person is a loser or he/she is a prude. People even give preference to it over an education or career. Single or not, don’t fret over it. One day you’ll have your prince charming, as a human or as a career(If all else fails) 😉


About shazlicious

A thoughtful art enthusiast who likes to read, write, paint.Also fascinated with Photography. This blog is a rumination of things that circles in my mind.I have countless things to worry about which would reflect in my writings.
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